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Anyware Sense™ BASIC (Without Subscription)


  • Plug-and-Play Installation
  • Constant Data and Visualisation
  • Seamless Configuration of Sensor Alerts
  • Can Alert on Device with LED Blinking
  • No Extra Gateway Required – Connects Directly to Your WiFi Network
  • East to Install – Easy to Use – Easy to Move
  • Offline Operation (Can Monitor Without WiFi and Signal Sensor Alerts on the Device)
  • Local Storage Option (SD Card)
  • Data Sharing via API



Plug-and-Play WiFi/Bluetooth Multi-sensor for Any Application and Any Building.

Anyware Sense™ is a plug-and-play ambient room sensor for shelf- or wall-placement.

The BASIC version measures the temperature, humidity, noise/sound and ambient light level in the room.
It also detects activity/motion based on advanced, non-obtrusive sound detection, which is used in the automated routines and functionality (Scenes).
Anyware Sense™ is a WiFi/Bluetooth device powered by a normal USB-C wall-charger without the need for tools or an extra gateway or control box.
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